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Voting Updates!

DazPlay1337 Founder posted Jun 3, 13

As always, at the beginning of each month voting on the MC top sites are reset.
This is when we need your help the most with voting and in return you get awesome rewards!
You can vote to help us and get rewards at InsanityRealms.com/Vote or you can click on the vote button above.
You can vote on each of the five voting sites once every 24 hours.
Each week our top voter will be rewarded with a free $250 in game money!
Each month our top voter will be rewarded with a free $1000 in game money!
How do you become a top voter?  It's simple!  All you have to do is vote for us every day.
At the end of each month the top user with the most votes will receive bonus money!
(There may be more than one user in some cases if there are ties with the amount of votes.)
We will be adding some more features to voting soon!
Thanks for playing on Insanity Realms! :)

Discord! (Voice Chat)

DazPlay1337 Founder posted May 20, 13
Voice Chat!
Come and join us on Discord to chat with all the members on the server!
Here is a link to our group and a download link.

Website Advance Plan!

DazPlay1337 Founder posted May 13, 13

Advanced Website!

I have paid a year for the website to upgrade for us to have more features!
This means that you can see everything that is going on the server right on the website.

Things added:
Auto Rank when signing up, or donating.
Voting system.
Server info.
Premium theme.
Anti DDoS.
No Ads.

Remember to be active on the website for exclusive new content!

Welcome to Insanity Realms!

DazPlay1337 Founder posted Apr 15, 13

Official Texture Pack!

Ozo (The Creator) is a very good friend, and he gave me Moderator on his server. (Sadly it went down...)

I have been using his texturepack ever since I met him, and it will be the official one for Insanity Realms.

You can download it here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/ozos-texture-pack

TicTox I don't know who made the video, but it is awesome. I love it.
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